This place is prompt and the prices are very reasonable., Samuel A., SureCritic review

They know what they are doing, I trust this place., Calvin P., SureCritic review

The staff at this place is great., Tyler H., SureCritic review

If it was not for these folks my van would not be on the road.., Mike S., SureCritic review

I like the price and the folks are always nice and friendly., Jeff K., SureCritic review

Rapidly serviced at a great price., Tony R., SureCritic review

They quoted me a price and everything fell into place., Craig U., SureCritic review

The business is perfect and they take good care of me., Brian D., SureCritic review

I trust this company, which is about the best comment you can make about an automobile repair shop. My family has been lied to and ripped off in the past, but I never have that concern with these people. Even when they stand to make thousands of dollars, they'll tell me the truth. If they don't think the repair is worth it, they'll be upfront about it. At the end of the day, they do what you want them to do, though. Great people., Nicole W., SureCritic review

Five Stars from another long time cusotmer., Chris A., SureCritic review

The business did what they said they would do and the price that was quoted was correct., Brian H., SureCritic review

Super Service once again., I could not be more pleased., AJ C., SureCritic review

I do not ever have trouble when I take our vehicles to A-Ford-Able-Automotive., Nicole W., SureCritic review

The business was very helpful. They stayed in touch with me throughout the entire process and let me know what was going on with everything., Cynthia., SureCritic review

I like the way they treat their customers., Pat C., SureCritic review

The business was able to figure out what was wrong with my vehicle when other businesses could not. My vehicle is running fine., Dustin W., SureCritic review

Great, friendly customer service and timely work., J.C W., SureCritic

I go there because this business is excellent. They have good mechanics and they are nice people., Bob G. SureCritic review

I appreciate the service I receive at this business., Sunny R., SureCritic review

Excellent Service and they did everything in a timely manner., James F., SureCritic review

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